I studied here, there and everywhere. Not at colleges but in random jobs and apprenticeships. Printing architect’s plans, filling trays with peat at a nursery. I worked for a bricklayer for a couple of years who called me his apprentice labourer because he thought I was so shit. A barman, waiter, location scout and photographer's assistant. Listening, learning from others and discovering for myself.

My professional career started off in photography. My work has been exhibited at galleries on four continents, is held in museum collections and has won numerous awards throughout Europe and the United States. My book Welcome to Pyongyang was published by Chris Boot and received worldwide acclaim.

Eventually, I became frustrated with what I could achieve with a still image alone and evolved into a filmmaker. Everything I’d previously learned in photography started to make sense when this happened - like it had a purpose and was leading towards this. Moving into directing felt like a fresh new chapter, one that I relish each day and enjoy more with every project I’m involved in.